The hottest home design trends this year

The interior design industry is like the fashion industry — colors, fabrics, prints, and accessories go in and out of style.

Here are eight of this year’s emerging home design trends, according to interior designers.


Sophisticated pastels

Murray calls them “complicated colors.”

“It’s not the mint green we were seeing before, it’s more like a sage-y color, and it’s not a baby blue, it’s a bit of a dusty blue,” said Caitlin Murray, founder and CEO of Black Lacquer Design. “You’re seeing it with pinks and oranges and things like that, as well.”


Rounded furniture

No more hard edges.

“The furniture is a lot more substantial and rounded off where it was feeling very squared,” Murray said.

Local materials

Pendleton Woolen Mill in Washougal, Washington.

“We designers have every resource under the sun available to us with the click of a mouse button, but my clients have been requesting putting their [money] back into the local economy, which for me means shopping at retail stores for furnishings in whatever town my client’s live in,” said interior designer Max Humphrey. “I’ve done full remodels using all local stuff, including furniture, lighting, tile, hardware, and even lumber.”


Relaxed maximalism

Go for comfortable and functional.

“Minimal rooms are boring and life is too short for karate chopped pillows,” Humphrey said. “My clients want rooms they can actually live in.”

Utilitarian materials

Go natural.

“Plywood is having a comeback as a casegood material, as well as canvas and reclaimed army fabric for upholstery,” he said.


Black-finished metals

A metal lamp with a black finish.

“Polished brass and trendy metals like copper have trickled down to the mainstream by now so it’s all about black finishes,” according to Humphrey.

Blush pink

Millennials love it.

“It’s always been my favorite color,” said interior designer Holly Hickey Moore. “It’s coming out in textiles, paint colors, accessories, anything.”


Moody interiors

Dark colors are in.

“I think there’s going to be a transition to more moody interiors,” said Moore. “Darker walls, jewel tones, greens and fuchsia and teal.”



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