Working Out the Quarantine Way

There’s never been a better time to work out. And with many of us now sequestered at home, depending on your profession it’s eliminated the “I don’t have time” excuse.1 Need any other reasons to exercise? We’ve got 13 great ones right here!

  1. Exercise reduces stress
  2. It boosts your mood and energy level
  3. Sitting too long is hard on your body
  4. Your eyes need a break from the screen
  5. It reduces your risk of chronic disease
  6. Weight-bearing exercise improves bone density
  7. Fresh air is good for your soul (be sure to maintain appropriate social distance)
  8. It helps pass the time
  9. It enhances your brain health and memory
  10. Exercise improves your quality of sleep
  11. If you’re doing a group online class, it provides a sense of community
  12. It’s a good example for your kids
  13. You’ll look and feel awesome when life gets back to normal!

Let’s look at different ways to get in a good workout, even when living under a stay-at-home order.

Get Outside

Doctors often tell us that walking is the best form of exercise. Not only is fresh air good for your mind, but walking is easy on your joints and is something that nearly anyone can do.

Of course, you need to follow common sense and legal guidelines related to social distancing, so be sure to choose a trail that’s not heavily populated or walk during a time of day when your neighborhood isn’t overly crowded.

Online Options

Whether you prefer calming yoga, a competitive spin class or a dance workout that revs up your heart, you’ll be able to find something to meet your needs. Many of them are currently offering extended free trials or deep discounts.2

A wide range of streaming services are available from big-name gyms, boutique fitness centers, trainers to the stars and companies you’ve never heard of. Scroll through a collection of 14 choices here and a list of 10 options here to discover the right workout for your personality and needs.

And don’t forget the kiddos! GoNoodle is a great resource that includes meditation content and plenty of exercise set to upbeat music. Featuring Zumba Kids, Net Generation from the USTA and Moose Tube, there’s fun for all ages on this website. BUT WATCH OUT! Baby Shark is included, which might be a bad idea when everyone is stuck at home together.

DIY Fitness

You can easily put together a simple workout center in your home with minimal cost if you strategically choose basic items like a kettlebell, pull-up bar and jump rope. USA Today recently featured 21 fitness finds under $30.

Most of them take up minimal space, making them easy to store or tuck into a corner. Take your commitment further when you combine this equipment with online classes or team up with a friend to work out over Zoom.

We’re living through uniquely challenging times, so taking care of ourselves is a top priority. We hope these tips provide some inspiration and fresh ideas to keep you healthy and safe!

1 This article isn’t designed to provide medical advice. Always consult a health professional when starting a new exercise routine and stop immediately if you experience pain or shortness of breath.

2 Pricing references were accurate at the time this post was written, but are subject to changes made by the service provider.

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