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What is a Loan Officer?

So, you’ve heard that you should speak with a loan officer in order to start your home buying journey, but what do mortgage loan officers actually do? Should you pick just any loan officer? How do you find one? Let’s answer each of these questions!

What is a loan officer?

A loan officer is someone who has a vast amount of knowledge about the variety of loans and programs their lending company provides. This includes requirements, conditions and how well these programs can work for their clients.

What do loan officers do?

Loan officers can specialize in different areas such as residential, commercial, or renovation loans. They typically represent companies like a private lender, credit union, or banks or they can be a broker, which allows them to match a loan from a variety of lenders.

A loan officer is the one in your corner when it comes to the huge financial decision of purchasing your home. It’s crucial that you not only trust them but feel that your loan officer is available for all of your questions and concerns. This is why your loan officer shouldn’t be just anyone, but someone who has the expertise to handle your personal situation.


Since clients come from all sorts of different financial backgrounds, loan officers are wonderful people to talk to whether you are looking to purchase a home now, or just preparing to in the future. They will be happy to speak with you about what steps you may need to take in order to be in the best position to purchase.

Your loan officer will also understand your specific situation and offer up products that can best fit your lifestyle. An amazing loan officer, like the ones a Sierra Pacific Mortgage, will go above and beyond to make sure you understand the entire process from start to finish.

Another critical thing loan officers do is provide pre-qualification or pre-approval letters. These letters are there for you as proof to show the seller that you can actually source the funds for the purchase. Often, the first thing real estate agents do is ask their clients to talk with a loan officer to receive a pre-qualification or pre-approval letter.

Where can I find a qualified loan officer?

If you’re ready to talk with a local professional, we’d be happy to help you find a knowledgeable Sierra Pacific Mortgage loan officer near you! Our experienced loan officers are well-versed in all sorts of loan programs and can help you determine what you are eligible for. In some cases, this even means a lower down payment than what you may think!

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