First Day of School Photo Ideas

Do you have someone in the house that has their first day of school coming up? Try these awesome ideas to keep that memory through a creative photo!

First Day of School Photo Ideas 1

1.) 1st Day of School Chalk Photo

Write your child’s grade in chalk on the concrete for a 1st day of school picture!

2.) Make a Frame for 1st Day Photo

Make a frame for your child’s first day photo with a homemade frame stating their grade

3.) Write Out a Large Chalk Letter or Number of Your Child’s Year and Let Them Lay In It

Let your child lay in a large drawing of their number or letter of their grade and take an awesome first day of school photo

4.) Take a Photo With Room on The Edge, then Edit In Info

Leave some room in your 1st day photo for a little info about your child’s first day of school!

First Day of School Photo Ideas 2

5.) Write On A Balloon

Write your child’s info on a balloon and have your child take a photo with it!

6.) Find a Chalkboard and Write Fun Things

Use a chalkboard every year for your kids, you can write anything you want and then start over!

7.) Have a Large “Class Of…” Shirt Made and Let Your Child Grow Into It

Have a shirt made and use if on your pictures every year until your child graduates!

8.) Make a Homemade Streamer with Your Child’s Grade

You and your child can make one of these homemade streamers together and then use in their 1st day photo!

First Day of School Photo Ideas 3

9.) If You Have Multiple Children, Write Their Grades on the Steps

Take a photo of all your children’s first day by writing their grades on steps and letting them sit on them!

10.) Take Fun Back to School Photos

Let your kids have fun with photos, take a picture with an apple on their head, or books, or let them do whatever they want, it will make some cute photos if they’re having fun!

11.) Take Photos In Their New School Clothes

Have a photo shoot of your kids in their new school clothes!

12.) Take a Photo In Front of Your Child’s School Sign

Head to your child’s school and take a photo of them in front of the school sign!

First Day of School Photo Ideas 4

13.) Have Your Child Hold Last Year’s Photo

Every Year let your child hold the picture from last year take a cool photo in photo effect!

14.) Write Their Year and What They Want To Be When They Grow Up

Use chalk to write your child’s year and what they want to be when they grow up, your child will have fun with it!

15.) Find a Wood Version Of Your Child’s Year and Paint It With Chalkboard Paint

Check places and find a wood number or letter of your child’s year, then paint it with chalkboard paint and write on it with chalk



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