Save, Spend, Give! Plus FREE Printable for Kids

Managing money wisely is an important life skill, and yet many children and adults don’t know how to do it! The easiest way to teaching children how to manage money wisely (before letting it manage them) is through the save, spend, and give method.

Teaching Kids How to use Money Wisely

Whether you give commission based on certain extra chores completed, or a weekly allowance, grab 3 jars per child. Pringles or shoeboxes work well, but I’ve noticed clear mason jars serve as the best “visual” – as you can see the money. Label the three jars: saving, spending, and giving respectively. The rules typically are although you can take Spending money and put it either in Giving or Saving, you cannot move Saving or Giving money. Find what works best for your family. Some times, the traditional 10% Giving, 60% Savings, 30% Spending works. Other times, during a certain season, more money must be used for Savings rather than Spending.


The savings jar is for money to be used for large purchases, or to go into a savings account for future use – such as a bicycle, or a big trip. Money in this jar goes towards the large purchase, or a real bank account. If you haven’t yet, take a trip to the bank and open a savings account for your child, where the temptation to use that money is put at ease.


Spending money can be used however the child wants – such as candies, movie tickets, trips to the Dollar store, vacation souvenir extras, or other “fun” things.


Teaching philanthropy is important even at a young age. Giving can include birthday or Christmas presents, sponsoring a child, school fundraisers, or tithing.

With this free printable that comes in two different color schemes, help children keep track of the amount of money they save, spend, and give. Each time money goes in or out one of banks, include a note of what it was used for, plus the amount.

Save Spend Give

Save Spend Give

Save Spend Give Pink

Save Spend Give Pink

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