Maintaining Communication in the Age of Social Distancing

Keeping employees engaged during a time of social distancing can be tough but good communication can increase productivity and help employees stay connected.

As a company that already spans across the nation with multiple fulfilment and branch offices, we are committed to delivering the same quality experience for our employees and our customers no matter where they are. Providing consistent service in multiple locations is already part of what Sierra Pacific Mortgage strives for, our team is still dedicated to caring for people near and far.

While Sierra Pacific is no stranger to remote working most of employees are interacting with their customers and partners daily and we have made sure these interactions are still able to take place virtually by providing the tools and technologies that are necessary to continue collaboration and relationship building. 

Whether you work for a large corporation, a small company or a service-oriented non-profit, your organization has a distinct culture. And as we continue to move forward during this difficult time in our world, the strengths and weaknesses of each culture will become more evident.

Although your exact situation may be different, we want to share our list of things to help keeping company’s culture intact during these rapidly changing times.

Communication is key

One of the biggest factors in any culture is varying communication styles. Not only do companies communicate differently from each other, but individual departments within the same company may have their own way of sharing ideas. Here are some suggestions to help maintain that critical aspect of your company’s (or department’s) culture:

  1. If your team typically spends time in the morning talking about what’s going on in your personal lives, then grab a cup of coffee and schedule a 15-minute online video chat with your work friends.
  2. If you work with a structured group of people, do your best to find a quiet room in your home when preparing for an online meeting. Let your family know that you’ll be unavailable for a brief period of time to prevent interruptions. Once you get in the meeting, try to avoid going down a rabbit hole and veering too far off the agenda so your team can maintain its desired efficiency. This can be a challenge if you’re feeling lonely and bored.
  3. If you normally pop your head up out of your cubicle to ask someone a question, try to maintain that casual level of communication when working remotely. Skip the formal emails and send IMs or texts.

When things get tough, reality shines through. This era of social distancing will either showcase and reinforce your company’s current culture or highlight areas where you can start to make long-lasting improvements. Seize the moment—and make a commitment to strengthening your organization’s culture for the long-run!

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